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Merkez Mah. Ali Raif Dinçkök Cad. No: 2 Taşköprü / Çiftlikköy / YALOVA / TÜRKİYE
Contact Info: +90 226 353 2545
Hall: 8
Stand: 822A
Product Groups
  • Acryclic Yarns
  • Fibers

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AcrylunaA soft and warm touch

Sustainable and comfortable Acryluna; New generation fiber. It is unique with its soft touch, comfort and environmentally friendly features. Thanks to its long-lasting use advantage, it reduces the need for new products in your life and minimizes the use of natural resources; It is sensitive to the environment. With its thermal comfort feature, it changes your usage habits and offers you a high comfortable life. Acryluna offers a comfortable touch to your life with its soft, natural touch products, warm, thermal comfort and nature-friendly features. Acryluna is used in a wide range of products in the clothing, carpet and hand knitting sectors. Comfort is always with you with 4-season Acryluna products that offer the right choices for a comfortable and livable tomorrow, while you are comfortable with its nature-friendly structure. Thanks to its long-lasting structure, products with Acryluna preserve the quality of the first day for many years and the need for new products decreases. The decrease in the need for a new product has a positive effect on the use of natural resources required for production. With the recyclable fiber Acryluna, you will never compromise on your comfort.

AcrycycleEnvironmentally friendly comfort

More than 100 million tons of fiber are produced every year in the world to be used in textile production. In this process, 1 million tons of dye, 42 million tons of chemicals, 93 billion m3 of water are consumed and 1.2 billion tons of greenhouse gas emissions are released. While 48 million tons of the clothes produced after all these processes are thrown away, 75% of these products, which are thought to have expired, are either burned or disposed of by being buried in the ground. Make the right choice for a sustainable life with Acrycycle, the world s first and only recycled acrylic fiber. When you buy a product produced by Acrycycle, the carbon footprint is 30% less and the water consumption is 86% less. With Acrycycle, which we produce with our own production wastes and has the same characteristics with the quality of newly produced fiber, instead of burying the wastes in storage areas, they participate in the production cycle and prevent environmental pollution. Products produced with Acrycycle are long-lasting and do not deform, preserve their first day features for many years. Therefore, the need for new product is reduced, which helps to reduce the resource usage needed for reproduction. The wastes generated during the production processes are converted back into products thanks to Acrycycle technology. The next goal of Acrycycle is to include textile products that have completed theie lifetime into the production process without losing their value, and thus increase our positive contribution to nature by recycling more waste.

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