International Istanbul Yarn Fair Brings Leading Brands Together with Professionals

As the world's largest fair in the yarn industry, International Istanbul Yarn Fair, adds new ones to its achievements every year. Within the 20 years since its first year of organization, The Fair has been strengthening its position in the industry year by year. Every year, thousands of both national and international visitors are welcomed to the fair that is organized by Tüyap Tüm Fuarcılık Yapım A.Ş. and attended by leading brands of the yarn industry as exhibitors. The International Istanbul Yarn Fair, which will be held for the 21st time in 2025, will bring industry professionals together again between February 26-28.

International Istanbul Yarn Fair Information

Dates: 26-28 February 2025
Location: İstanbul - Türkiye
Venue: Tüyap Fair Convention And Congress Center


With a Wide Range
Thousands of Yarn Types Under One Roof

All types of yarn, which is the raw material of textile products that we use every moment in our lives from ready-to-wear clothing to home textiles, are presented to the buyers at the International Istanbul Yarn Fair. Cotton Yarns, Elastane Yarns, Wool Yarns, Acrylic Yarns, Viscose Yarns, Polyester Yarns, Silk Yarns, Nylon Yarns, Textured Yarns, Fancy Yarns, Organic Yarns, Polypropylene Yarns, Regenerated Yarns, Metallic Yarns, Technical Yarns, Hand-Knitting Yarns, Fibers, Bobbins, Spools and Reels, Textile Dyes and Chemicals are exibited at the fair.


İstanbul, the Center of Fashion, Awaits You!

With its historical and cultural richness, geographical location, being home to different cultures living together, and serving as a bridge between Europe and Asia, Istanbul continues being a significant center for the world of fashion. Istanbul, Türkiye's largest textile exporter and Europe's second largest supplier, is among the famous cities such as Paris and Milan in the fashion world. Clothes, handworks and jewelries manufactured in Istanbul due to having fashion, a historical fabric, rich culture and different styles on the same land are known worldwide. The International Istanbul Yarn Fair, held in Istanbul, one of the most important centers of fashion worldwide, also offers an effective platform for the leading names in the yarn industry to meet. While planning your visit to Fair, you can find the chance to see many historical places with different cultures in this city that has hosted many civilisations throughout history.