Turkish Yarn Industry & Yarn Export

Yarn is one of the most essential intermediate products both in the fabric and clothing industries. Our yarn export volume increased by 10%, reaching approximately 1.8 billion dollars in 2017. It is noted that we reached a value of nearly 500 million dollars in yarn exports during the period of January-March 2018. The export value is projected to reach 2 billion dollars at the end of 2018. Turkey exports 61.2% of its yarn to European Union member countries. Our major yarn export markets are Italy, England, Belgium, Iran and the Netherlands.
The Turkish yarn industry, which was the 8th largest market in the world in 2016, has a 3.6% share in world yarn exports. The EU also imports the majority of its yarn from Turkey. Turkey, ranking 1st among the yarn importers of the EU, had close to a 9.5% share in the EU's yarn imports as of 2017.
Yarn is one of the most important product groups of the Turkish textile and raw materials industry. The yarn industry had an 18.4% share of the total textile and raw materials exports as of the January-March period. With a modern Turkish substructure, the yarn industry, which is the second most exported sub-product group after woven fabric products in the textile and raw materials industry, manufactures all types of yarn from cotton yarn to sewing yarn, from synthetic and artificial filament yarn to synthetic and artificial filament staple fibers yarn, from wool and fine or coarse animal hair yarns to vegetable textile fibers and silk according to the domestic market demands and exports these products as well. Furthermore, the yarn industry, which has a significant position in the exports of value-added products, also has an important place in the field of technical textiles. Today in Turkey, hygienic clothes, silver-impregnated anti-bacterial surgical scrubs, fireproof clothing, as well as water and stain-resistant clothing manufactured using nanotechnology are completely domestic products woven with yarns which have gone through extensive R&D studies.