Originally starting to develop based on the cultivation of cotton in Turkey, over the years the Turkish textile sector has become an export industry. The export of Turkish yarn and fiber products has increased in recent years with investments made in the industry. Turkey is among the most important producers of cotton in the world and is also a country of authority when it comes to yarn manufacturing and processing.
The yarn industry continues to increase the value of its exports with value-added products such as customized, high-performance products and eco-friendly yarns. The 15th International Istanbul Yarn Fair opens its doors between April 14-17, 2018 at the Tüyap Fair Convention and Congress Center where it will bring the yarn and fiber industries together. Participants who wish to export their goods to Europe and many other countries in the world and showcase their innovations will establish new partnerships and strengthen the image of their brand over 4 days.
Visitors to the Fair will have the opportunity to view cotton yarn, combed cotton yarn, polyester yarn, acrylic yarns, woolen yarn, fibers and many other kinds of yarn coming from different parts of the world and meet the suppliers.

One Date, One Venue, Two Exhibitions
To be held with the participation of the world’s leading manufacturers of textile machinery, ITM 2018 - International Textile Machinery Exhibition will take place on the same dates as the International Istanbul Yarn Fair between April 14-17, 2018 to bring the textile industry to your doorstep as two exhibitions with scopes that are directly related to one another.