International Yarn Fair Breaks Record

The 15th International Istanbul Yarn Fair hosted by Tüyap achieved great success by breaking its own record of the previous year. Organized with the participation of 318 companies and company representatives from 23 countries, the Fair welcomed 2,729 foreign and 9,769 domestic visitors, which is 12,498 visitors in total.
Throughout the Yarn Fair where the participants, visitors and industry representatives were brought together, leading brands of the industry attracted new customers and accomplished key collaborations.
Nearly 400 Visitors from 18 Countries were Hosted by Tüyap
Following global promotional activities, Tüyap hosted purchasing committees including more than 400 buyers, textile manufacturers, Chairmen of Chambers of Commerce and Industry, Consuls, and Presidents of Foundations from Belarus, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Morocco, India, Iran, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Macedonia, Malaysia, Egypt, Moldova, Uzbekistan, Russia, Serbia, Tunisia and Ukraine,with all expenses covered by TÜYAP. Making important purchases during the Fair, the committees said that Istanbul Yarn Fair has become the center of the global yarn trade.
Companies Participating in the Fair Made Important Business Connections
On the first day of the Fair, committees from a total of 7 countries (Bosnia and Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Kyrgyzstan, Moldova, Uzbekistan and Russia), which are target export locations of the industry as part of committees organized by the Turkish Ministry of Economy, undertook intense commercial discussions with participating companies.
Participating companies that export to more than 50 countries and are among the few leading yarn manufacturers in the world were pleased about increasing their capacities.
Future Dates
The Yarn Fair, planned by the fair team which considered the demands of the participants and visitors throughout the year, has made an indelible impression both in Turkey and abroad. Having become a meeting point representing the Eurasia region with its ever-increasing foreign visitors, the Yarn Fair will continue contributing to the industry exports with its new technologies, quality products and leading companies between February 28th and March 2nd, 2019.