Yarn Sector Prepares to Gather for the 17th Time
The yarn sector became one of the leading sectors in Turkey's exports in 2018. The sector, which is very important for the development of Turkey, provides an efficient international market for yarn suppliers. The International Istanbul Yarn Fair brings together yarn manufacturers who want to expand their customer portfolios with professional visitors. For the 17th time, the International Istanbul Yarn Fair, which will be held February 27-29, 2020, provides an opportunity for the development of the country’s economy.
Istanbul Yarn Fair 2019 in Numbers 
The International Istanbul Yarn Fair, which is the biggest yarn fair of Eurasia, was organized this year with the participation of 302 companies and company representatives from 22 countries. Opening its doors to the sector's professionals, the Fair brought together more than 9,000 Turkish and foreign visitors from 81 countries with yarn manufacturers at Tüyap to build commercial ties.
With the intense promotional activities carried out in target countries, purchasing groups invited by Tüyap from many countries of the world, particularly Germany, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Bosnia Herzegovina, Algeria, Czech Republic, Georgia, Iran, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Macedonia, Egypt, Moldova, Uzbekistan, Russia, Serbia, Tunisia, Turkmenistan, Ukraine, Jordan and Venezuela established important business contacts with participant companies.
Istanbul Yarn Fair 2019 Hosted International Deals
 As a part of the committee organizations of the Turkish Ministry of Trade and ITKIB (Association of Istanbul Textile and Raw Materials Exporters), committees from a total of 9 countries (Czech Republic, Kyrgyzstan, Tunisia, Venezuela, Moldova, Serbia, Uzbekistan, Russia and Jordan), which are target export locations of the industry, realized dynamic commercial dialogues with participant companies.
Our Next Meeting: February 27-29, 2020
The Istanbul Yarn Fair, expected to host thousands of visitors in 2020 by increasing its promotional activities, has begun to book stands for companies that want to open up to international markets.
If you would like to book a stand and participate in the 2nd biggest Yarn Fair in the world, please contact our project team at http://iplikfuari.com/fuar-proje-ekibi.